2.6 challenge

2.6 challenge

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Raise money for us

The London Marathon is cancelled this year. It was due to take place on 26th April. A lot of small charities benefit from the runners raising money for them.

This year instead you are invited to support the charity of your choice by undertaking the 2.6 challenge. Could you get people to sponsor you and donate the money to Giakonda Solar Schools?


All on a 2.6 or 26 theme.


Run 2.6KM

Keep a ball in the air for 26 keepie-uppies.

Walk twenty six times around the garden

Hula hoop 26 times or for 2.6 minutes

26 pressups

Dance for 26 minutes

Jump up and down 26 times on trampoline.

Do 26 star jumps

Send us your video clips please.

Let’s see who has the craziest idea.