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From pupil to master

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In 2015 Philemon Chikoonda was head teacher of Kabbila Primary School in Siavonga. He watched carefully and assisted in setting up the solar panels for his school.

Thanks to a grant from S & C Electric we were able to provide a solar panel, battery and cables for his new school Dambilo. Philemon set them up himself and shared his skills with others. His pupils can now use LED lights to carry on with work even after dark.Head teacher of Dambilo sets up solar panels donated by S&C Electric

Hub Cymru Africa Summit 2016

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Yesterday we attended the Hub Cymru Africa Development Summit at Liberty Stadium Swansea. The event brought together representatives of many charities and voluntary organisations in Wales whose projects were linked with Africa.

There were talks by people like the inspirational Nassra Juma Mohammed, Head Coach of the Zanzibar Women’s Football Team; and opportunities for networking and looking at the various exhibition stands.

We were pleased to be exhibiting as well as Howard leading a discussion group on the role of Technology in Development.

Also during the course of the day there were performances from the Oasis World Choir and the wonderful Ballet Nimba.

Cat Jones opens HCA summit

En route for Siavonga

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Thanks so much to SolarPlants of Baglan Bay for their generous donation of eight solar panels for our project in Zambia. They’ve now been picked up and have started the long journey to Lusaka via Durban. It will be mid- December before they arrive!

Director of SolarPlants handing over panels
Solar Plants Director Daniel Crossland with Howard Kirkman of Giakonda Solar Schools.

Solar Panel Pick -Up

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Tomorrow we are going to Baglan Bay to oversee the pick -up of 8 solar panels destined for Zambia. Solar Plants of Baglan Bay have kindly donated them for use in schools in Siavonga which at present have no power.

They will be shipped via Durban to reach Lusaka in early December. We hope to go out to fit them early in the New Year.

stacked solar panels