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Computers for Siamwiinga Primary School

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Today we sent out Raspberry Pi 400 computers for Siamwiinga Primary School where solar power will be installed on Wednesday courtesy of our funders 
Individual donations from supporters have enabled us to set up a small computer hub to use with the solar power. We’ve also added a large screen TV for class lessons. Thanks to all the generous people who helped make this possible.
Raspberry Pi 400

Physical Computing Using Raspberry Pi

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Giakonda Solar Schools is training teachers in Zambia via Zoom. Current course is physical computing using Raspberry Pi . Yesterday we posted off some electronics kits for the group to use in the next step of the training. These little kits cost just £5.
CamJam control kit

Endorsement from NAQEZ

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Pleased to have received this letter today regarding resources we have supplied to over 8o schools in Zambia.

NAQEZ endorsement of RACHEL Pi

Adapting solar schools for COVID times

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We are pleased to confirm that we have received a grant of £5184 from the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa Grant Scheme to help make some Zambian schools safer for their staff and pupils.

Wales and Africa logo

With it we’ll buy handwashing stations, masks, soap and cleaning materials to make a safer environment.

We’ll also buy mobile routers so that schools can access remote resources and training.

Outstanding Grade 12 results in Southern Province

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The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia in Southern Province is extremely happy with the performance of 2020 grade 12 candidates for southern province. At 70.5% pass rate,the province has once again beaten all the Provinces in Zambia for the third consecutive year.

While they congratulate all the candidates who passe , NAQEZ feels that the teachers of Southern Province deserve to be commended and emulated. They are calling on the Teaching Service Commission(TSC) to quickly confirm and upgrade teachers who have been waiting for many years .This will motivate them for greater results.

The Ministry of Finance is further requested to increase funding to the education sector so that the Ministry of General Education can afford more teachers , buy desks, books and many more teaching and learning materials. The Laboratory equipment must also be procured to realise quality implementation of the Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) agenda.

COVID safe resources for schools

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Great news today with the award of a grant from the Wales and Africa Grant Program. With it we will promote a safe return to school for Zambian teachers and pupils.  We will supply hygiene equipment in the form of masks, sanitisers and soap as well as providing hand washing stations.
The fourteen rural schools which will benefit run only on solar power. We have provided them with a great off-line resource in the form of RACHEL on a Raspberry Pi server. This grant will enable us to provide mobile routers to each school so that they can enjoy  internet access. It will make it easier for teachers to access our Zoom training courses and to find and share more educational resources with their pupils.
Thousands of children will benefit from learning in a safer environment and having access to support online.

Science Group

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We’ve had a fantastic response to the setting up of our Zambian Science teachers WhatsApp group.  members are using it as a forum to share schemes of work, lesson plans and to seek clarifiction on things they’re unsure of.

Over 40 members joined in the first week.

Training with Libre Office Calc

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Howard has started this term’s training which is intended as an introduction to Spreadsheets. This will use Libre Office Calc.

He delivers weekly Zoom sessions for teachers in Siavonga, Zambia .

The notes can be downloaded from our resources page. Feel free to use them and share any comments with us.

Happy Christmas

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Seasons Greetings

Need for more funding for Zambian schools

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We are honorary members of NAQEZ (National Action for Quality Education in Zambia). This organisation is made up of educational professionals who have the ear of the Zambian Ministry of Education.

After attending a Zambia Qualifications Authority media breakfast representatives of  NAQEZ appeared before a select Parliamentary Committee on Children Affairs this morning.

According to this Committee of MPs and Parliamentary staff, NAQEZ acquitted itself supremely well on Comprehensive sexuality education.

During the same meeting,the question of quality of education in ZAMBIA was raised by one MP.The NAQEZ team informed the house that the standards of education in schools are poor.The Champions pleaded with the MPs to join NAQEZ in demanding for more funds for the education sector.