Bees Knees!

Bees Knees!

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Rural schools in Zambia are very short of money. With that in mind, Giakonda Solar Schools has started a project to provide an income for Bbakasa, Matuwa, Kabbila and Kawila Schools.

We sent down a beekeeper trainer from Monze to run a three day course. The four schools and a Women’s Group sent representatives, and there were a total of 18 attendees.

Theory of beekeepingPhillip demonstrating

Phillip taught them with a mix of classroom learning and hands on experience. They looked at the topbar hives we bought them and melted beeswax to paste inside the hives to attract bees. We are amazed to report that one of the hives already has bees!

bee suittrying on the suits

We supplied two types of bee suits for the trainee beekeepers to use – one resembling white overalls with a hat and veil attached; the other a long jacket with the hood and veil.

melting beeswax to paste on the hivea topbar hanging in tree

Although African bees have a fiercesome reputation, no-one was frightened off! They are very enthusiastic indeed and have told us they intend to form a cooperative.


We are very excited that this project has got off to such a good start.