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Spreadsheets course

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This term, Howard has run a Zoom course for Zambian teachers.  One of the tasks was to create a spreadsheet to monitor progress of pupil over the past three years. Teachers listed marks for literacy, numeracy and IT , found averages and compared girls and boys.
One teacher reported: “The spreadsheet is very helpful it has made me to realize the academic progression and efforts that learner make.
I will use the spreadsheet UpTo grade nine because, the learners are still at the school in grade 8 this year and next they will progress to grade 9.
How I wish I was doing this much earlier, it would have helped me to evaluate my teaching form the time I joined my current school. Never the less this is my starting point and I hope it will help me to evaluate my teaching process.”
Another noticed that IT results had improved since 2020 and said, “This can be attributed to the availability of computers received by  the school in that year. Teachers are able to use them to teach ICT.”


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Very excited to have been chosen for @HubCymruAfrica Advance Light Mentoring programme. Looking forward to working with Hannah to take Giakonda Solar Schools forward

Phillip Sikilwa

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So sorry to hear of the death of Phillip who gave us so much help and guidance in setting up bee hives in schools and a Womans Group in Siavonga.

He will be sadly missed.

bee training

Small Charities Week

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It’s Small Charities Week and an opportunity to reach out to the world and emphasise how much good small charities like Giakonda Solar Schools can do.

We don’t have a huge budget but having no overheads means every penny we can raise goes to promote education in Zambia. Our projects may not be earth-shattering but I believe they are valuable if they make a big difference to the lives of even just a few children through access to lighting and learning resources.

Small charities have a big impact

Enabling COVID-safe schools

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A grant from Welsh Governments Wales and Africa Scheme has helped us to provide COVID-safe environments in 14 solar powered rural schools in Siavonga District, Zambia.

Dambilo school with hygiene equipmentDibbwi with Covid kit

We have previously distributed COVID guidance charts and non-contact digital thermometers. With the grant, we supplied additional handwashing stations, hygiene and PPE equipment to aid 14 rural schools to run a COVID- safe school for their staff and pupils. Pupils generally bring their own masks but we provided a bank of spare washable ones for the school to distribute where needed. The District Education Board team helped us in the procurement and distribution of this equipment.

GAME covid kitKatalumba with kit

Secondly, we provided mobile broadband to support the remote working of our partnership with teachers in Siavonga schools and to enable an increased amount of online teacher training We installed internet communications with broadband routers in 14 solar-powered schools. Our local technician sourced and installed the necessary cables to connect these routers to the solar-powered system and to the existing Raspberry Pi resource network.

This technology will greatly help our planning, monitoring and evaluation of our project through more regular contact with each school. It will also facilitate our training sessions in Digital Literacy, ICT and developing skills using the off-line resources we have already provided. We are regularly delivering weekly Zoom courses with an attendance of at least ten teachers at each one.

Endorsement from NAQEZ

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Pleased to have received this letter today regarding resources we have supplied to over 8o schools in Zambia.

NAQEZ endorsement of RACHEL Pi

Adapting solar schools for COVID times

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We are pleased to confirm that we have received a grant of £5184 from the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa Grant Scheme to help make some Zambian schools safer for their staff and pupils.

Wales and Africa logo

With it we’ll buy handwashing stations, masks, soap and cleaning materials to make a safer environment.

We’ll also buy mobile routers so that schools can access remote resources and training.

COVID safe resources for schools

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Great news today with the award of a grant from the Wales and Africa Grant Program. With it we will promote a safe return to school for Zambian teachers and pupils.  We will supply hygiene equipment in the form of masks, sanitisers and soap as well as providing hand washing stations.
The fourteen rural schools which will benefit run only on solar power. We have provided them with a great off-line resource in the form of RACHEL on a Raspberry Pi server. This grant will enable us to provide mobile routers to each school so that they can enjoy  internet access. It will make it easier for teachers to access our Zoom training courses and to find and share more educational resources with their pupils.
Thousands of children will benefit from learning in a safer environment and having access to support online.

Happy Christmas

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Seasons Greetings

Looking Forward to 2021

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teacher receiving Raspberry PiPi and accessoriesPi set up in ZambiaScratch on Pi

We’re pleased with the training that Howard delivered this autumn. We raised funds to reward 8 teachers with a Raspberry Pi computer to practise what they learned. The equipment arrived safely and is being put to good use.

Several teachers have already signed up for Spring 2021 when the focus will be on LibreOffice Calc and Writer.