Engineers and Python Programming

Engineers and Python Programming

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Things in Zambia are always subject to change and that’s part of the fascination of the place.

Today we were due to present Giakonda Solar Schools to a group of new Head Teachers and Administrators. There have been many staff transfers this term, including the District Education Board Secretary herself. Many are completely new to the district and do not know what we have been doing for the last three years.

We brought along a Raspberry Pi with RACHEL to demonstrate the e-learning resources. Early arrivals were interested in the African storybooks translated into English.

Then we discovered that the same room was booked for the Swansea University engineering students to discuss their plans to build a Special Needs block at Siavonga Basic School.

meeting with Swansea engineering studentsHead teacher

The Buildings Officer and other relevant people were there. It was fascinating to have the Zambian procurement process explained and to learn more about Special Education in Zambia.

Traditionally, children with special needs have often been kept at home and not sent to school. Siavonga Basic School hopes to attract more such pupils to school by offering them a purpose built block of classrooms.

We look forward to seeing this project gradually come to fulfilment. Tonight we will meet the engineers and discuss how we might support them with IT resources.

This afternoon a large group of enthusiastic High School pupils came back for more Python programming practice.

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