Feedback from solar schools

Feedback from solar schools

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We have been gathering feedback from the solar schools that we assisted in Zambia over the last 8 years. We installed solar panels and supplied RACHEL learning esources via Raspberry Pi. Here are  a few quotes:
“Solar power is cardinal to most of the rural schools in Siavonga District. Most of the schools are not connected to the hydro electric power thereby lacking any means of running technological appliances.
Pupils have a chance to do hands on activities.
Only seven pupils failed computer out of thirty four pupils in the grade 9 2022 final examination.
Generally speaking,there is need for most schools in rural areas to have solar to move at the same pace with urban children.
Your donation came at the right time.”

“The provision of solar power at Sianyoolo Primary School has enabled the use of Raspberry Pi which has allowed anytime free education access by the poor rural school communities.”

“I write to inform you our sponsors that the solar power has helped the school in terms security lights, charging of computers and phones for teachers. The solar power has also improved the learning of information and communication technology (ICT) in the school as computers are always charged before lessons begin. The RACHEL has improved reading levels and abilities for the learners. This is due to reading resources contained in the RACHEL resource.”

“Having the solar panels, adult literacy learning programs has been introduced in the evenings.Pupils have also benefited since they can now do their evening study.
Teachers have directed benefited by lessening burden on lesson preparations. The lessons are now more effective by the use of RACHEL Pi and RASPBERRY PI.
The school has actually been earmarked for upgrade to junior/secondary, since it has now power.”

We have achieved these results with the help of grants from sponsors such as Hub Cymru Africa, Wales and Africa Grant Scheme, The Waterloo Foundation, The Didymus Foundation,  The Carmela and Ronnie Pignatelli Foundation,