Game Primary School

Game school uniformchildren playing

Game Primary School is twinned with Brynhyfryd Junior School in Swansea under the British Council Connecting Classrooms Scheme.
It has 6 classrooms and a total of 574 pupils and 7 teachers. There is a pre-school class and classes from Grade 1 to Grade 7.  The Head Teacher is Linda Tembo.
Like most of the schools in Siavonga, it benefits from the Zambian Government feeding scheme which provides mealie meal and pulse to be cooked for the children’s lunch. The local community pays for the cooks to do this task.

The school is situated on top of a hill and access is difficult by road in the rainy season. It has no connection to mains power.

Members of the local community, (including an electrician), helped us set up two solar panels to provide LED lighting and to power a Raspberry Pi computer delivering a vast e- learning resource called RACHEL. This stands for Rural Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning. This resource can be accessed from the  laptop we provided and from any other wireless device nearby.

The solar panels will be mounted on the school roof, using enclosures made from old metal desk frames.

Game SchoolHead teacher looks on