NAQEZ Southern Province conference

NAQEZ Southern Province conference

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Giakonda Solar Schools were delighted to be invited to address the conference of National Action for Quality Education Zambia (NAQEZ) in Choma, Southern Province.  They were interested to hear about how we have worked with Zambian schools to improve access to educational resources and computers.

addressing NAQEZ conferencetalking about Raspberry Pi

Teachers Daniel Mangwende and Francis Kanene demonstrated some of the ways they use Raspberry Pi in their schools : for accessing the learning resources of RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hub for Education and Learning); as a powerful PC using one tenth the power of a standard desktop; and as a great way of introducing pupils to the useful skills of coding.

Francis demonstratingthe team setting up

Following my short presntation we were invited to join the Southern Province Educational Officer, Dr Allan Kaoma, to discuss further how we can extend the range of schools we support throughout Southern Province.

Wendy with PEO