Our Charity

Giakonda Solar Schools

Giakonda Solar Schools was registered with the Charity Commission on 12th September 2016 as Charity number 1169138.
We began our volunteering work with a visit to Zambia in January 2015.


The trustees are Howard Kirkman, Wendy Kirkman, Jason Brown and Malcolm Boorer.


Our purpose is to further the education of children and adults, particularly in the field of computers, computer science and related subjects. In rural communities where there is no grid power, we supply and install  solar power equipment. This  provides the necessary infrastructure for computer systems and  LED lighting.
We carry out this work mainly in Zambia but we have helped and advised groups working in other parts of Africa and in the wider world (see below).

In 2017 we  also took part in the BBC DIYSOS  project. It involve building and equipping a home for care leavers  in Swansea, Wales for the Roots Foundation. We donated and installed laptops, PCs and routers.

See our registration details here

Giakonda Solar Schools Zambia

In December 2018 we were officially recognised as an international NGO in Zambia. Our board members are Howard Kirkman, Wendy Kirkman, Victoria Kirkman, Peter Nyumbu and Milimo Muyanga (Milz). Our registration number is RNGO101/0928/2018


We are always keen to help other charities in any way we can. We have supplied refurbished laptops and Raspberry Pi computers to Linden Church Trust, Friends of Monze and Heshima.