RACHEL for Resource Centre

RACHEL for Resource Centre

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Today we set up RACHEL in Siavonga Resource Centre. It’s situated in the grounds of Siavonga Primary School and used for meetings of teachers from around the district. Out of school hours, members of the community are able to bring their own laptops in and study from a small range of books.

The librarian Rex Moonga keeps a log of those who come in and the books they use.

We installed a Raspberry Pi with RACHEL. It will be kept in his office for security, but is accessible via any wireless devices in the Resource Centre and in the nearest classroom.

Raspberry Pi with RACHEL

Mr Moonga will put signs up around the room to show how to log in to RACHEL and will get a new log book to record those who access it, what subjects they look for and any comments they make. This will help us monitor how the general community uses it.

In future we will supply up to five laptops so that learners can enjoy the resource even if they don’t have their own computer.

We are gradually supplying Raspberry Pi with RACHEL to as many schools and community areas as we can. If you would like to support our project, a donation of £80 will purchase one. A donation of £50 will let us refurbish a laptop with a new hard drive.