We have a large number of technical resources available for free download. We hope you find them useful. These are intended to help you use your computer with more confidence. We try to keep them updated regularly. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see here.

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Basic RACHEL tutorial

Shutting down RACHEL Pi safely

How to use RACHEL resources on earlier versions of Raspberry Pi – RACHEL on the Pi

Obtaining the RACHEL image

Brief overview setting up and using RACHEL on Pi

RACHEL modules installed on the Pi

RACHEL on the Pi shutdown

Less technical version of installing webserver on Raspbian OS

How to install Raspberry Pi Imager on a Pi

Printing on Raspbian

RACHEL can be installed directly on to a laptop or PC; there are two ways of doing that:

Installing RACHEL on Raspbian laptop or PC

Installing RACHEL on an Ubuntu laptop or PC


Installing Kolibri on Raspbian for x86amd

Kolibri starter


Installing and using Calibre

Miscellaneous Technical

Recommended software and how to install it

Upgrading and Updating Raspbian

Using a projector with Raspbian O/S

Install Rachel on Synology v2 sept 2017

Install Active Directory on Synology

Set up Raspberry Pi Zero as a Slideshow Exhibitor

Install and configure Pinet in Ubuntu Server

Physical Computing using Raspberry Pi

Controlling an LED With Raspberry Pi GPIO pins