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Conference preparations

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We’re busy getting ready for a second physical computing conference- this time in Kafue. Following their successful event in May, Macloud, Farai and Francis will lead demonstrations on using the Raspberry Pi Pico to introduce pupils to coding and physical computing.
Delegates will learn to control traffic lights, buzzers and switches.
physical computing kit 1

Physical Computing Conference

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On 29th May our Zambian partner teachers held a conference at Siavonga Teachers’ Resource Centre. Thanks so much to presenters Farai, Macloud and Francis and to Bridget for all your help with organising the event.workshop

After a morning of demonstrations of physical computing, the attending teachers were able to have hands on experience in a series of workshops. It was a very successful event which we hope to repeat again in other districts in Zambia.

Developing RACHEL on the Raspberry Pi

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Our trustee, Howard has been heavily involved in making the learning resources of RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) accessible from a Raspberry Pi server. He was delighted to receive this endorsement from one of the developers at World Possible.

Everyone has appreciated the time you’ve spent on the forums helping others and sharing your advice. It has really helped bring a sense of community to RACHEL.

6 years ago I discovered the RACHEL project and decided to try bringing back support for the Raspberry Pi. I had just gone through a period of surgeries for vision loss and was unable to work due to complications. There were times where I didn’t want to continue, but you worked with me, encouraged me, and knowing that you and Giakonda were taking it into the world to be used motivated me to keep working on it. That ultimately lead to RACHEL-Pi being used globally and to me being hired by World Possible which has in turn changed many lives, including my own.

I want to say thank you for the all of the support over the years. Though we have never met, I have always been very proud to be a small part of the great things you have done for so many people.. .Please let your wife Wendy know that I am always available and would be honored to continue supporting Giakonda Solar Schools.

All the best,
James Kainer

Progress with physical computing

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Pupils from Kabuyu Primary School have been exploring their coding skills. The result is this video showing the motion sensor they made.

Meanwhile these photos show the Code Club at St Vincent de Paul School. Pupils are looking at each line of code to see what it does.looking at coding

code club

Kabuyu Code Club

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We are training Zambian teachers to introduce their pupils to physical computing. They run an after school code club.
These pupils enjoy programming a breadboard to light up on command. The buzzer is even more fun – if very annoying!

Code Club at Kabuyu schoolCode club

Classroom workshops

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Beth and Lisa of Learning to Learn are having a successful visit to Siavonga. Last week they visited Chaanga, Munyama and Kabuyu to deliver classroom-based workshops and see how teachers were putting into practice the strategies they’d taught them. It was great to see parents and village elders taking an interest in the project and finding out more about well-being and motivation of pupils.

Chaanga school pupils  Kabuyu pupils


Siavonga here we come!

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Beth and Lisa are getting organised for their upcoming visit to Siavonga to monitor the Learning to Learn project.  While they are there, they will carry out an important part of the project which is to work with the pilot schools on an individual basis. They will spend time compiling whole school policies for attendance and pupil well-being as well as holding classroom workshops to model activities. Each teacher has identified what they would need further guidance with.

This successful project was funded by the Welsh Government under its Wales and Africa Grant Scheme.

Wales and Africa logo

Learning to Learn

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The Learning to Learn pilot project is proving a great success. Last night saw the final online webinar session attended by 9 out of 10 teachers. There were some very positive comments:
“It has improved my confidence as a teacher and helped me get pupils more involved”
“Children are learning to be more resilient by learning it’s OK to fail”
“The whole school has benefitted – learners realise they can make decisions on their own”

Beth and Lisa are looking forward to visiting Siavonga in a few weeks to deliver classroom based workshops and support the development of Attendance and Wellbeing policies.

Code Club at Kabuyu

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Great to see that McCloud Mwiinga of Kabuyu School has started a code club for his pupils following online training sessions from us. The children’s faces say it all. This kind of learning is fun! Scratch is a good introduction to programming.

children using a laptopScratch programming

A desperate need for desks

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The new Zambian government is prioritising education. They have made primary and secondary education free for all which has encouraged an influx of extra pupils into schools. Along with this they are increasing the number of teachers and helping them to be better qualified. Schools were already short of classrooms and of desks in particular. This is even more the case now.

On our last day in Siavonga, we had a meeting with DEBS (District Education Board Secretary) to identify the schools most in need of solar power and to report back on the internet capabilities of the schools taking part in the Learning to Learn Project. She mentioned that girls often stay away from school rather than sit on the floor. We discovered that Siavonga High School has a carpentry department which, amongst other things, refurbishes old desks, adding new wood to their metal frames. We are looking at ways to help them provide this service to local schools, many of which have old frames available.

SHS carpentry departmentHoward with Carpentry teacherstoreroom with woodrefurbished desksHoward with SHS head teacher