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Giakonda Solar Schools YouTube

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We have just set up Giakonda Solar Schools YouTube channel which contains training videos we make from time to time.

So far there are videos on aspects of LibreOffice Writer, created by Howard and one of our Zambian partner teachers Francis; and videos on updating Raspberry Pi operating system. Many more to follow.

Please visit and subscribe.

Physical Computing Using Raspberry Pi

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Giakonda Solar Schools is training teachers in Zambia via Zoom. Current course is physical computing using Raspberry Pi . Yesterday we posted off some electronics kits for the group to use in the next step of the training. These little kits cost just £5.
CamJam control kit

Science Group

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We’ve had a fantastic response to the setting up of our Zambian Science teachers WhatsApp group.  members are using it as a forum to share schemes of work, lesson plans and to seek clarifiction on things they’re unsure of.

Over 40 members joined in the first week.

Training with Libre Office Calc

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Howard has started this term’s training which is intended as an introduction to Spreadsheets. This will use Libre Office Calc.

He delivers weekly Zoom sessions for teachers in Siavonga, Zambia .

The notes can be downloaded from our resources page. Feel free to use them and share any comments with us.

Looking Forward to 2021

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teacher receiving Raspberry PiPi and accessoriesPi set up in ZambiaScratch on Pi

We’re pleased with the training that Howard delivered this autumn. We raised funds to reward 8 teachers with a Raspberry Pi computer to practise what they learned. The equipment arrived safely and is being put to good use.

Several teachers have already signed up for Spring 2021 when the focus will be on LibreOffice Calc and Writer.