Learning to learn in Siavonga

Learning to learn in Siavonga

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After a disastrous start, including two key members unable to fly out with us due to Covid, things are looking up. We started the day with Howard demonstrating the equipment we brought with us for use with the project. The whole project was made possible thanks to a grant from the Welsh Government Wales and Africa Grant Scheme.

setting up Pi400zoom learning

All teachers then joined us at Lake Safari Lodge for a virtual “Meet and Greet” with Beth and Lisa. They gave an overview of the proposed learning program and we gathered some baseline data to help our later evaluation.

baseline data

Then all enjoyed socializing over snacks and soft drinks.

Learning to Learn

Regarding our Learning to Learn project, we’re very pleased to have received this from one of the Educational Standards officers from Siavonga District.
“We are so excited to have the project in our district and eager to work with you. We will offer all support needed as District Education Board Secretary Office to ensure the success of your program.”

Thanks for making this possible go to Welsh Government for their  award of a grant under the WalesandAfrica Grant Scheme.