Thanks Hub Cymru Africa

Thanks Hub Cymru Africa

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We are very grateful to Hub Cymru Africa for the award of a further funding grant. Plans are underway for a visit to Zambia in February 2018.

We intend to use the grant to provide solar panels to three more rural schools in the Siavonga District of Southern Zambia. Two of them are particularly remote and accessible only via boat which promises to be an interesting challenge.

We will supply solar panels and deep cycle batteries. Solar power will allow the schools to run LED lighting, laptop computers, a projector and a Raspberry Pi computer acting as a server to provide learning resources to any wifi enabled devices. The learning resources come in the form of a 64GB microsd card loaded with RACHEL (Remote Aea Community Hotspot for Education and Learning).

This includes thousands of works of literature;  African story books;  articles, lesson plans and videos on science and maths; practical advice on health and agriculture for rural communities; wikipedia for schools. It’s a fantastic offline tool for teaching and learning, ideal where internet is unavailable or too expensive. In addition, teachers like the fact that pupils are protected from the dangers of being online.

content of learning resource RACHEL supplied thanks to Hub Cymru Africa

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