Unexpected impacts

Unexpected impacts

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Sometimes our efforts at improving the educational chances of Zambian children have even more impact than first expected. The following are quotes from MUnyama School.
“Munyama primary school has for many years been operating without power to run  electrical equipments/gadgets or enough to have lights in the classrooms for the pupils. Until MARCH 2018, when GIAKONDA helped the school by providing a solar system that eradicated many challenges the school used face when it used to operate completely without power. Currently the pupils are able to study in the night without any problems, the teachers are equally able do their work in the night due the availability of power and good cool weather.
In additional, the computer studies department received a heavy boost from GIAKONDA through the donation of Lifebook laptop computers which improved the computer to pupil ratio. This gesture eased the learning and teaching of computer studies especially the practical part. Teachers are equally able to type their work freely without congesting the computer which were not in the school at the time.
Further the RACHEL has also been a very good resource for both the teachers and the pupils as they are able to research additional material in line with their work.
Additionally, it has also improved the school community partnership and rapport. Many parents visit the school to acquit themselves with internet services.

The one other positive story is that, two male parents after taking interest in computer studies, did register for the grade nine examinations and progressed to grade ten. We take these as the GIAKONDA first fruits.

Lastly but not the least, the recent training on learning to learn program has played a fundamental role in the improvement of girl child enrolment and also making the lesson interesting to the pupils and the teachers themselves as they enjoyed learning while playing.

The training has equipped teachers with learner friendly methodologies