Upcoming projects

Upcoming projects

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We’ve been busy preparing for our upcoming projects.
getting ready for upcoming projects


In June/ July 2018 we will be installing solar equipment at two remote schools built by Friends of Monze on behalf of their trustees. The set up consists of  two 35oW solar panels and  two 220Ah deep cycle batteries. This powers LED lighting, Raspberry Pi with RACHEL learning resources, a projector and laptops.

We have organised a wide reaching training agenda for them. This will include Using and Maintaining the Solar panel System, Using RACHEL on a Raspberry Pi to access educational resources, and Securing and Maintaining a Computer Network.


We are also applying for grant funding to equip six more schools in Siavonga District with the same solar system. That would bring the grand total there to 17!

We are in the process of being registered as an NGO in Zambia which will make it easier to take out computer equipment to the schools we support.

Read more about our project in Zambia here.


In October we are planning to travel to Tanzania to work with Heshima . All very exciting!